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Information about studying in Finland

For the essential information about studying in Finland and applying for higher education programmes, visit the Study in Finland website.

Quick facts

  • Population: 5,451,270 (2014)
  • Capital: Helsinki
  • Geographical size: 338,435 km2
  • GDP: € 193.443 billion (2013)
  • Official EU language(s): Finnish, Swedish
  • Currency: Euro

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Higher education in Finland

  • Number of higher education institutions:39
  • Number of students in higher education: 308,900 (2012, Euromonitor International from national statistics/UNESCO)
  • Number of international students in higher education: 17,582 (2012, UNESCO)
  • Language of instruction: Most higher education programmes in Finland are taught in Finnish or Swedish language, but you will find many taught in English too.
  • Typical course tuition fees: Generally, local and international students do not have to pay tuition fees in Finland. However, membership of a student union, which costs between 60 and 100€ per year is strongly recommended, which offers many advantages. Read more on tuition fees on the Study in Finland website.
  • Student visas and immigration
  • Scholarships and financial support
  • Average length of a full-time higher education programme in Finland:
    • Bachelor's degree programme: 3-4 years
    • Master's degree programme: 2 years
    • Doctorate/PhD: 3-5 years


Finland is a country of contrasts with lovely summers and cold winters, pure nature and an innovative high-end technology sector.

Finland's modern, liberal society highly values education and embodies traditional values and beliefs. This unique mix makes studying in Finland an unforgettable experience.

Known as a country of high standards, Finland is a very safe place to be, with an effective and well-funded education system. Since there are generally no tuition fees at Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences, gaining a higher education in Finland can be considered affordable.

This affordability, however, does not impair the quality of the education. Ranking amongst the top in various international rankings, the country far up in the North continues to attract more and more international students.

Modern study facilities, good class-sizes and a close connection between studies and research, as well as students and researchers, make Finland a top destination for international students.

With over 400 study programmes taught in the English language, covering a wide range of subjects, Finland's is a hub for international education.