Study In Switzerland

Higher Education Institutions in Switzerland

Swiss universities offer a wide range of courses of study at all levels (bachelor, master, doctorate) at different institutions of higher education (academic universities, universities of applied sciences, universities of teacher education) and in different languages (German, French, Italian, English) The Swiss economic miracle is based on the intensive development of country’s intellectual potential, to which the authorities gave special consideration. As a result, the Swiss higher education system received important state support as a strategic area, and over the centuries, the best academic traditions and standards of education have formed and consolidated. This resulted in the high development and international success of industries that contribute to the country’s prosperity, including:

  • Watch making
  • Petro-chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Fine mechanics
  • Pharmacology
  • High-technolog


According to international student testimonies, Switzerland is considered a great place to receive higher education in Europe. In the StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014 more than 7,000 students reviewed their international study experience with the help of the world’s largest database of international student experiences, In total, 228 students shared 530 comments related to their experience of studying in Switzerland, giving the country an excellent rating of 8.9 out of 10. The Student Satisfaction Awards are a valuable source of information for future students who wish to enrol at universities in Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe.